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sabato 15 settembre 2012

feel so [] / differx. 2012

i should think i
exceed two thousand repeated alterations
apparently of submarine origin the depth of a few feet into an opaque stone
...have flowed from many, but not from all
the delights of collecting and studying marine animals
perhaps write a book
hence probably the incrustation never acquires a great thickness
like a nearly similar pale pearly grey coating at the great cataracts
of the orinoco and nile
with the upper and exposed surfaces of the shells of living mollusca
resembling in form
iron in endless gradations
(unable to trace)
artificial substance
with an angular bed fracture
of partially devitrified glass
(unable to trace)
the purest masses, according to the accumulation of shelly detritus,
with their laminae conformably breaking and dissolving the less perfectly formed globules
under the hill
it dips into the sea and disappears
(unable to trace)