domenica 29 giugno 2014

noun / jim leftwich. 2014

noun, addaggio, network acrobatics,
reseau planting pivotal, femur,
web-goat, reiterated atmospheric woodbine,
toile, tissue, palm-cure, brats, laciste,
reseau grid, railroad, Virginia creeper,
rille, reseau, cachette, connection,
parthenogenesis, raccordionment, lion,
rapport, relation, branchement, reseau
"standing in a lion" (connexion, deciduous)
branch, mint, creek, nightcrawler,
minnow-bucket, lien, rapport, relation,
contact, paroche, reseau, contract,
net, meiosis, chat, catgut, guttersnipe,
[snipe-hunt] filet, reseau, pie, glue,
tulle, tulip, mesh, handwritten nailles de
filet, puke due machete, reseau, nails,
rest-stop, stop-gap, "Fancy Gap" [gaping]
rets, rents, regents, regrets (none of the
above) filets, engrenage, enrage, "in ragged
garage" [backyard, detached, storage]
1979-1980: Books, magazines and clothes bought
at flea markets in Greensboro and Eureka

atmospheric double empire woodbine, noun,

addaggio, network minimal kitchen nostalgia
acrobatics, web-goat, reiterated pivotal,
culinary femur jazz, reseau planting

brats, laciste, atmospheric cachette, connection,
double empire woodbine, noun, culinary
femur jazz, reseau reseau grid,
railroad, planting acrobatics, web-goat,
Virginia creeper, reiterated pivotal, addaggio,
network toile, tissue, palm-cure,
minimal rille, reseau, kitchen nostalgia

fluorescent tubes (connexion, deciduous) atmospheric
double raccordionment, lion, empire woodbine,
noun, truism thin spectacle, rapport,
relation, culinary femur jazz, reseau
planting hollow fishcore barrel, branchement,
reseau parthenogenesis, acrobatics, web-goat,
reiterated pivotal, vacuum cleaners addaggio,
"standing in a lion" network
minimal kitchen nostalgia, tragic fact

enormous creek, nightcrawler, acrobatics, reseau,
contract, web-goat, reiterated pivotal,
endgame culinary femur contact, paroche,
jazz, reseau planting toy gorilla
addaggio, network branch, mint, minimal
minnow-bucket, lien, kitchen nostalgia
Detroit/water atmospheric double rapport,
relation, empire woodbine, noun, oversized

dime-store tulle, tulip, realism
mesh, atmospheric double catgut, guttersnipe,
empire woodbine, noun, handwritten nailles
deculinary femur stainless jazz, reseau
planting [snipe-hunt wallpaper] filet,
puzzling acrobatics, web-goat, reiterated
net, meiosis, chat, pivotal, reseau,
pie, sensuousness, glue, addaggio, network
minimal polished kitchen, awful nostalgia

erratic, exotic, (none of the
atmospheric double empire) woodbine, noun,
androgynous, dimensional, addaggio, reseau, nails,
network rets, rents, regents, regrets
minimal kitchen nostalgia penguin, capital,
culinary femur jazz, reseau rest-stop,
stop-gap, planting adorned, abandoned,
acrobatics, filet, puke due machete,
web-goat, reiterated "Fancy Gap"
[gaping] pivotal, wires, Egyptians, rags

enrage, "in ragged garage" atmospheric
double empire in Greensboro and
Eureka, woodbine, noun, culinary femur
jazz, reseau planting, 1979-1980:
[backyard, detached, storage] addaggio, network
at flea markets minimal kitchen
nostalgia, (above) filets, engrenage, Books,
magazines and clothes bought acrobatics,
web-goat, reiterated pivotal, experiential