lunedì 14 aprile 2014

fortda / ross priddle. 2014

set the money up, microcapital,
fuck minding, you and your damn
pennies, keeping the keepers, the
autocorrect wrecks your best 
wordplay, microtransactions,
chocolate nipples, a vector of
what, candystriper, i had a
dream or was it a nightmare,
being down at the heels really
keeps you on your toes, putting
a poem on the paper, you know
you are at zero, save sixty-nine,
even yesterday looks like the
good old days already, the still
needs, defacebook, the sanctioned
violence of the state, legitimate
coercion, i don’t have the
necessary source material
at hand, polemos, fortda,
madrone, official reality,
being in a place, eagerness at
a chance to handle, crowdwaves,
attractive in an offbeat way,
a cinnamon chocolate, a most
exquisite abnormal lady,
les précieux, even in concrete,
floating hat, feather-flesh,
history as hats on a head,
prink, war’s another potlatch,
a percolation network,