martedì 31 gennaio 2012

the steim sessions / alessandro de francesco & paolo ingrosso. 2009

audio version for spoken voice and live electronics

On February 2009 Alessandro De Francesco and Paolo Ingrosso came to STEIM in Amsterdam (the only independent live electronic music centre in the world that is exclusively dedicated to the performing arts) in order to set up the final version of their poetry reading with live voice digital processing "Ridefinizione". They realized in the famous STEIM's Studio II the complete video and audio recordings of the 26 texts composing the reading. The texts of Ridefinizione have been originally written in Italian by Alessandro and are now published in five languages in some 15 internationally renowned poetry reviews. In STEIM sessions the texts have been recorded and processed on a Max/MSP patch. This patch has been developed and implemented by Paolo specifically for Alessandro's voice and way of reading. The purpose was to enhance the semantics of the texts trying to produce an advanced poetry voice machine live interaction device. This procedure is far away from 'sound poetry' tradition, since the texts were previously written not to be performed. Moreover, Alessandro's reading and Paolo's treatments have to be conceived as a reading environment instead of a performance, that is to say an audio environment where the perception of poetry is the main aspect, much more than the performers themselves.